Grungepop at Forte! 11/30

Grungepop, the local band that I am "kinda" in. The talented melodies of an array of cultural covers spanning over decades, and not limited to a single genre. With awesome vocals and skilled guitarists, Tiffany and Chad pass the microphone back and forth throughout the show, supplying listeners with a whole lot of variety, and always a couple surprises. I love attending the shows and most of all, capturing the shows. Forte is my favorite local venue, as far as the lighting, it makes my efforts much easier.

Support your local music and local venues, they can sometimes disappear out of nowhere, and the place we took for granted thinking "i can always go" is no more. Even if it isn't the night of your life, its cheap, and by going we make it possible for many to engage in their passions, along with a place for it all to happen. Everybody wins.

Tiffany at Forte 11/17