2019 is a go...

Concert season is back. I don't know if there is a season, or if it actually went anywhere, but it sure feels like it to me. Mainly due to Grungepop playing regular shows again, which is just about every weekend I get to shoot them. Having done this the amount of times that i have, I have captured the members in just about every way there is, and that's why it is fun. I am forced to get creative or come up with ideas to create new images worth looking at, and that people already haven't seen. More bands have reached out to me, which is exciting, and i love when it happens. There is a whole lot of photographers out there, so to be the one that is sought out, is a great feeling. 2019 is just getting started, and i think there will be a lot of concert photos going down this year, with a lot of different bands.

Portrait work in general i have actually been getting some experience with, and a way to book times with me may eventually get added to the site. Until then, open to all ideas, I want to make them a reality.